Grew up in LA in the 80’s. I was exposed to mambo and cumbias thanks to my mom, Pedro Infante and Javier Solis thanks to my dad. My cousins (Maye, Mini and Estel) introduced me to Morrissey, Stevie B and Ice T. Needless to say I fell in love with all types of music at a very young age. Looked up to Humpty Vission, Bad Boy Bill and Enrie religiously therefore House music was my introduction into DJ’ing.
I use my passion for music and give the people where I DJ a trip down memory lane mixed with up and coming new musical hits with a dash of “I can’t believe he just played that!!“ I enjoy blending the beats and crossing the musical genres back and forth. I’m currently jumping from club & bars in the greater Phoenix metropolitan area. Come check me out and drink a couple of brews with me.